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Diamonds We Offer

Our product offerings too, have the distinctive stamp of RS Diamonds – with a focus on both breadth and beauty.

We offer clients an unmatched range of products in rounds, pears, marquise, princess, emerald, cushion and heart shaped diamonds to choose from. A huge spectrum of sizes, qualities and packages. A selection of both certified and non-certified goods. Sizes ranging from the smallest up to 3 carats. Multiple options for certification. Extended inventories and a variety of assorted parcels.

The rough diamonds used are 100% natural and purchased from ethical sources only. Manufacturing, at our state-of-the-art manufacturing set up, takes place under strict supervision, and the resultant polished is packaged into nearly 2,000 standard assortments. Each parcel goes through a thorough quality check and is also screened on synthetic detection machines bought from De Beers and HRD, before entering the market.

The results – near unlimited choice of a variety of quality products.

Products We Offer


RS Diamonds offers certified round brilliant diamonds in clarities ranging from IF to SI2 and sizes 0.18 carats to 3.00 carats in 3VG Up (Cut, Polish and Symmetry) including a significant number of Triple-Excellent cut stones. Fancy shape diamonds are offered in clarities ranging from IF to SI2 and in sizes 0.50 carats to 3 carats.


RS Diamonds offers non-certified diamonds in round and fancy shapes ranging from IF to Pique and sizes 0.005 carats size to 3 carats with superior makes. 95% of the goods offered are white round brilliant diamonds and 10% to 12% are of fancy shapes.


– Microscope assorted parcels
– Calibrated diamond parcel services
– Colorless and H&A diamonds’ assortment services
– Specific color program as per customer’s need


– Bespoke quality sorting services
– Customers specific product coding
– Diamond support collaboration services
– Laser inscription as per the brand’s requirement
– Provides goods with the grading as per RS Diamond’s parameters to save the cost of Certification

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